Friday, January 22, 2010

The Apple Tollgate

Steve Jobs

As I read the WSJ piece and take on next week's Apple ISlate launching, I can't avoid wondering if it's really going to be an earth-shattering event.

Let's not forget that Steve Jobs is a genius in his ability to deliver products in the consumer falls in love category. It's the same ability that allowed the girl that would order shoes for the Vogue cover, to build a worldwide franchise of stores that sell them for thousands of dollars each, under the Chu brand.

There's plenty of cell phones and mp3 players, nothing as attractive as the Iphone and Ipod, though.

There's quite a few e-readers, cell phones and mp3 players. Will the Islate draw the attention of the Iphone and Ipod?

Apple has been in contact with the major media players, not only from newspapers, but also, from TV and movie studios.

Will the Islate become the toll-gate equivalent of the Ipod for the music industry for news, TV and movies?

It might. Stay tuned.

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