Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Internet Merchant Accounts -

Se las vendo al costo...

Pasé por el blog de David Altig, quien siempre tiene comentarios interesantes. El siguiente me llamó la atención:

Mircosoft Corp. (no confundir con Micro...) is developing an online payment system that will be cheaper than credit card transactions, making it possible for companies to charge small fees for Web-based content and services they now offer for free...

Mr. Gates (Bill, para los amigos...) described a system that would undercut credit card fees, making it profitable for an online newspaper to charge small fees for an individual article, for example. “If you want to charge somebody $0.10 or $1 a month, that will just be a click … you won’t have to manage some funny thing or pay some big credit charge, where half of it goes to the clearing,” Mr. Gates said.

I have seen the future.
...Y yo también. ¿Pero, por qué veo que también peligran los servicios como VISA y Mastercard?

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