Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Un juego de fútbol

Irak ganó el juego y se corona campeón de Asia.
Fuente: Le Monde

Que alegría.. que sentimientos... somos una nación, kurdos, chiitas, sunis... a mi primo le habría encantado, pero, murió ayer ayudando a los heridos de una explosión...
Así Salam Adil nos relata la vivencia de los irakis en su blog...

'Omar' agrega:
Today is definitely the happiest day for Iraqis in years. Tears of joy mixed with prayers for hope on the faces of millions of Iraqis…Words truly fail me and I can't describe the feeling so please pardon me if the post doesn't sound coherent; I hear the cheering and music outside although the bullets of celebration keep falling on the ground and roofs here and there. But no one seems to worry about that, the moment is so great that fear has no place in the hearts of the millions of fans, neither from bullets nor from crazy suicide bombers who tried to kill our joy last week.
As soon as the refree ended the match. hundreds of thousands of Iraqi all over the globe were out in the street partying the joy of the victory. As for me, I couldn't control myself and I went on crying like a baby. It was a great moment not for my own life only, but for millions of Iraqis I'm sure.

'Esposa nurotica' nos muestra las rivalidades que se descargan, en esta ocasión, de una manera afortunadamente sana:
One guy, N, said with great excitement, this was far more than a game, we beat the Wahhabis, he said. We beat them and showed them what Iraq is. We broke their noses (An Iraqi expression). I smiled, for it seems everyone took the football as a war. Just like I did. Everyone wanted to prove a point, everyone wanted to throw the Saudi noses to the floor, and oh yes we did. The Lions of Babylon did this so gracefully. What a team

Salam, a su vez, recuerda a su amigo Sameer:
I thought about Sameer a lot. He was a huge fan of soccer. I thought of him when our team won, and never forgot how his body was still at the morgue when the referee announced the end of the game. While many Iraqis rejoiced the triumph, there were many mothers crying for their dead children. My cousin was one of them.

Goodbye Sameer. We’ll miss you a lot. We’ll miss your smiling face when always won backgammon. We’ll always remember your earlier struggle and your heroism that will pave the road of martyrdom and the greatness of all Iraqis who sacrificed themselves to help our country.

Y, la madre que posterga el funeral de su hijo porque esperaba que todos estuvieran celebrando... que gran día para los irakis.

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