Friday, November 03, 2006

Maridos felpudos

Dump your wife now es un blog provocativo, que dice aconsejar a los maridos felpudos para que se conviertan en hombres. Si sientes que tu esposa te pasa por encima o te pasa a llevar, prepárate a recibir sus consejos —el primero y más importante, es que te divorcies; ni más, ni menos.

Así se presenta el autor de este blog:
For those who are happily married. I wish you well. Your day of misery is coming, until then go away and do what you married folk do.

For those who are miserable and currently married, let’s talk! Don’t waste your time on marriage counciling it does not work. Spend your energy here. It’s time to no longer be a doormat and be a man!
En fin, lean los vengativos consejos ustedes mismos; y si alguien se siente afelpudado, bueno, éste puede ser el lugar donde comenzar a recabar información de cómo iniciar su… divorcio —y recibir el apoyo necesario de algunos congéneres que ya hayan sufrido esta contrariedad.

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Anonymous said...

One morning when opening our email box, we noticed that not only was it full but it was jammed with just about an even mix of opinions. It seems the world did not know what to make of us. In just a short time we cheered Sir Paul McCartney through his divorce, and in between gorging our bellies full of Yoo-hoo fudgy goodness and our endless supply of Ho-ho’s and Twinkies (which have been tinglin taste buds for over 75 years); we offered to fly an abused Indian lady (with natural breasts) to come live with us. We reported real news that was at times controversial. We made you laugh with stories about guys with tiny shmeckles stealing your ladies. We also made you angry when telling you the stories of these miserable wimpy men out there in the world being abused by their empowered Western women.

We hope the following official statement eases your desires to jam our email boxes.

We are not women haters. We all love women. Many of us here have girlfriends. We are alpha males, who refuse to be ordered around by their women in exchange for “nookie”. We are not jerks, we are simply in touch with who we are as men, and we act as men.

We also do not support the business institution of marriage. We feel that the majority of women (not all women, but most) have lost their values in today’s society and abuse the legal system for financial gain. Many of us were once married and are now divorce for no fault of our own. We will never marry again. We will enjoy our girlfriends until they mistakenly give us the ultimatum to marry them or leave.

Our blog is designed and popular for the man who is currently married and miserable. He is afraid to divorce for fear of losing his business, his house and many of his financial assets. Our blog simply gives him comfort and maybe a laugh during a time when he may be on the verge of a cry.

Sincerely, staff